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This review is from: Blood, Honor and Dreams (The Elder Blood Chronicles) (Kindle Edition)
I read, and enjoyed, the first in the series, The Elder Blood Chronicles (In Shades of Grey), due mostly to the inspired world-building. Still, a first time novel, it had some issues: a couple rough patches, a need for some pretty serious proofreading. Blood, Honor and Dreams fixes these issues, and now that the world can shine through uninterrupted, I'm very happy with the result.

In BHD, the world of Sanctuary is becoming rather tense. Some new, semi-unknown force called the "Blight" is overrunning entire nations, and everyone's feeling the emotional and political strain. Political machinations are coming to fruition, and the faction composed of Jala and her champions is upsetting the balance of power. While an outright, all-out war fails to break out just yet, the tension is definitely there, and on the "cold-hot" conflict scale, we're definitely lukewarm and rising. Meanwhile, there is a distinctly romantic/coming of age subplot going on between Jala and her new husband, Finn.

So here's the breakdown. The worldbuilding continues to be awesome. Seriously, it's high in originality value, as well as being good. Fantasy's a century old now; conceptually new, or at least very different than usual worlds are rare and something valued not just within this story, but due to how the world can spark our own imaginations and flights of fancy. I wasn't crazy about the level of romance/love present in the book. Yes, it's probably perfect for teen readers, or even adults with a heart. I was just in a mood for a pure hack&slash&blast, but couldn't wait to read this first. The political plots and elements are well executed, if occasionally semi predictable, but that's a common issue if plots are proceeding realistically (ie, not too much authorial "and then out of nowhere, meteor" type twists or reliance on idiotic/clairvoyant behavior). The writing's technically and descriptively solid; I'm not a huge fan of the meter or tempo (or whatever that's called in prose), but again, that's probably just me, and only in a few spots. The action picks up, which is nice, and Jala experiences a very nice level of growth, both in character and in smiting power. The book is very well proofread, and I've heard from the author, on her forum, that sometime early 2012 the new proofreader should edit the first novel, which will be nice.

Overall, a solid novel, which is raised to "5 stars" by excellent world-building. Should appeal to teen (including girls) and adults, with particular appeal for those who appreciate interesting world concepts.  From: A Guy, MA


5.0 out of 5 stars Another great read from Melissa, December 6, 2011
Robin, KS


This review is from: Blood, Honor and Dreams (The Elder Blood Chronicles) (Kindle Edition)
When Blood, Honor and Dreams came out I was very excited to start on it. It took me a bit of time to be able to start reading but once I did I couldn't put it down. I love the characters of Jala and Finn, newly married and finding out what love is about and yet also learning about death. The way the rest of the characters are being evolved amazes me since they are from different houses and therefore don't always get along. They are learning from Jala that things can be accomplished through compassion and hardwork. I can't wait until the next book comes out and lie a fellow reviewer I hope that these books can grace my bookcase some day as well. Thanks Melissa for giving me a fantasy collection that I can enjoy. Keep up the good work.

5.0 out of 5 stars The Intrigue Builds, December 1, 2011

Jan, MO

Review is from: Blood, Honor and Dreams (The Elder Blood Chronicles) (Kindle Edition)
Following the first book this one is filled with intrigue, magic and twists that I didn't see coming. Finn and Jala are realizing that marriage is not all a bed of roses and adjustments must be made. Jala continues her studies to increase her magic powers and the dream of restoring Merro. Everything is starting to come together when Sanctuary becomes a battleground. The Blight are active in the city of Sanctuary. It looks like there is no hope. This book has blood, action, and romance what more could a Fantasy reader want. I found it a very fun book to read that I could not put down until finished. Now when will the next one is be out so I can find out how Jala has fared in the Darklands and was she able to save Finn with her magic? The book may only be out in EBook form now but I have every confidence that I will be able to put it on my Library shelf once the publishers realize how great a writer she is.

5.0 out of 5 stars Better than the first!, November 4, 2011

Susan, CA

Review is from: Blood, Honor and Dreams (The Elder Blood Chronicles) (Kindle Edition)
To say I was impressed with the first book would be an understatement. This book however is better. The editing is superb and the pacing of the story is wonderful. I found myself devouring the pages as the plot line moves at an amazing speed.

The characters of Sanctuary continue to evolve and I found myself torn between favorites. Typically when I read a book I find one single character that stands out beyond the rest to me. That is not so in Blood, Honor and Dreams. There are no boring or obnoxious characters to skim over as I've found myself doing in the past with other books. To me this book had perfect balance with a nice dash of cynical humor thrown in.

The world of Sanctuary is on the brink of war in this book and you can feel definite tension in the plot. Myers does an excellent job of keeping several other small plots moving along as well though so it doesn't feel entirely like a war epic as you read. There is a nice touch of romance as well as humor throughout the book and I found myself crying then laughing several times. It takes a lot from a book to make me actually cry and this book managed it. 

I won't give anything away about the actual storyline but suffice to say you won't be disappointed. If you like high fantasy, anime, or enjoy RPGs you will love this series. It is truly a refreshing read and unlike any other series I have read. 

An important note for potential readers though. Myer's does not seem to rehash previous books much at all so if you do not start with book 1 you will be lost in the story. That is the only fault I can give the series. To me that is not a serious fault however, as I am particular about always having book 1 of any series.



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