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I appreciate all of your feed back whether bad or good, thank you! It helps me to write a better book the next time. Melissa


I read your book at a stretch yesterday. I had to keep reading because it was so exciting. Can't wait till your next book, I will most certainly buy it. Thanks for the beautiful story.  C.E. Netherlands

My Kindle has always had a special place in my heart but I love it even more now that it allows me to read the writings of 1st time writers like Melissa Myers. Many new writers entertain me but don't really impress me. Others fall very short on both counts. Myers is not one of these. Her talent for writing seems natural and her story is superior... well above what I expect from new fantasy/paranormal authors. I don't want to give much of the story away so I'll just say I was quickly drawn in to Jala's life and was pleasantly surprised when other characters were as equally appealing. There were times when the plot twists were not expected but in the end, I ended up loving them and wanting to know more. It's nice that this book isn't similar to everything else that's out there. Myers kept me on my toes with my emotions, imagination and opinions spinning. As I read, I felt happy, sad, mad, surprised, disappointed, and so on.

I really can't explain how impressed I was with this book, especially compared to many other downloads I've been reading lately.

"In Shades of Grey" is high on my list of recommendations and I can't wait for the next installment in the series.:)

Bravo Myers!
S.D., Arizona


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