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Now going on in Springfield Missouri "VISIONCON 2013".  Come on out and see it and seek me out I would love to meet you.  Pictures will be posted.


Book Five, "The Crow King's Wife" is now done and available at Amazon.com and here on the website. To my readers I apologize for the time it took to get it listed. So many minor things can hold you back. I do hope you enjoy it and look forward to your feed back.  Book 6, the final book on this series is about half way done. I will not make any promises other than it will be out this year.


The Elder Blood Chronicles Book " In Shades of Grey" top rated high fantasy book.  Read today to take you away to a world filled with magic and intrigue like you've never seen. Science Fiction at it's best.

Revisit Sanctuary in Book Two, "Blood, Honor and Dreams". Follow Jala as she discovers her heritage, her dreams and her unique magical powers. 

Book Three, "From the Ashes" .  It's Done. War comes to Sanctuary.  What sacrifices does Jala have to make to ensure her people have their home back?  You don't want to miss the ending. Super!


While I am excited by the Veyetta series I have decided to put it on hold for a while because there was a story needed for the timeline between "From the Ashes" and "Shades of Veyetta"  Therefore, the next book to be published will be "The Blessed Curse".  Taking you on a jaunt to  Delvay and the story of Neph. Thank you Terri for the suggestion,  I do listen to my readers and I loved the suggestion of a story about Neph!

So in honor of Neph, comes Book 4 "The Blessed Curse".  You'll learn why Neph is the way he is and how he views the world of Sanctuary.  You can buy either here on the web site or with Amazon.com or Smashwords. Enjoy!


On Hold but not forgotten!

 "Shades of Veyetta"   

I have survived the destruction of my homeland, battled a Divine, won a war, and built a kingdom. Yet nothing has prepared me for what we now face.

Quote by Jala Merrodin

New book to be completed hopefully by late ? 2012. New trilogy covering Veyetta, the lost kingdom.



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